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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Kasen. My baby. Living, breathing animation.

What a challenge and surprise this child has been since conception. Once I felt him move inside the womb, he never stopped. He came out screaming and continued to scream, not sleep and spit up for at least two years. He is the messiest, the loudest, and never ceases to entertain a crowd. God knew what he was doing when he made Kasen last. There would have never been a Nolan or Aiden otherwise. I would not change one thing about this child.

We found out last year that Kasen had significant hearing loss. It broke our hearts to realize that his speech problems and spastic behavior were due to the simple fact that he could not hear like other children his age. We had tubes put in and his adenoids taken out and it made a world of a difference in his ability to interact and communicate. His personality, however, never dimmed. He lights up a room.

Kasen becomes Batman in the blink of an eye. He will not be convinced otherwise. When he is not Batman, he lets me know that he "Reedy wishes dat God made Batman". He also wishes that birds wouldn't poop or pee but "Dat's just the way God made dem". His insight makes me smile.
My mom dubbed Kasen with the name "Kaveman" after realizing that when he goes potty, its equivalent to turning on a fire hose full blast with no one holding it steady and that when he eats, only 50% of it makes it into his mouth. If Kasen feels like breaking a toy, it will get broken and his explanation as to why he did it will always be "Cuz. I dunno." Despite our efforts, Kasen hangs onto his neanderthal traits. I've learned to find it endearing simply because I have no other choice.

Kasen is turning five tomorrow. I cannot believe how fast the years have flown by! My curly haired, spitfire, baby is not a baby anymore. He keeps up with his older brothers and is one tough kid. I had to get onto him for jumping off the back porch after his foot got stuck in the rail and he landed face first onto the ground. He cried momentarily then proceeded to turn his attention to tackling his 10 year old brother who later came inside crying because Kasen was too rough. It was a bittersweet moment realizing Kasen can take care of himself just fine.

I thank God for my little Kaveman. For the laughter, smiles and warmth (and even for the tears and exhaustion) that he has brought into my life. It has been an entertaining, to say the least, five years and I am looking forward to many, many more!