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Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Hate Christmas

Ok, I don't really hate Christmas. I hate what Christmas creates. The "I want, gimme, flash, bling, money" attitudes....vomit. Kids are in a competition to see who gets the most video games and largest Justin Beiber poster from Santa and parents are out to make sure their snot face child wins! Lord help us.

My mom, bless her heart, glanced over the items purchased for the boys from "Santa" and said "That's not enough." Holy shnikes woman! Have you lost your mind? Its damn well gonna be enough! I think she's getting senile as she ages.

Jesus got 3 gifts. THREE! Not an entire Toys R Us aisle...

The meaning of Christmas has been lost for years and seems to fade further into oblivion every season. It's sad. A celebration has turned into an obligatory ritual. A blessing, now a burden.

Here is my challenge to all 3 people who will read this: Remember the reason. Remember why we celebrate. Look at what you have instead of what you don't have. Thank God for sending our ticket to eternity all those years ago. And for Pete's sake, spank your children, they are getting on my nerves!

Merry Christmas everyone and blessings for the New Year!!


  1. I agree! It is too much. I feel bad that my kids wont get as much as some, but thats ok.

  2. I totally agree Brandi! Well written - kudos!

  3. I love Christmas! I love giving! Like Christ gave to us, it has inspired me to give! I love giving to my children, the unfortunate, the hungry, the homeless, the single Mom, or Dad that is raising their children. My heart goes out to you. Life is short! I give to my children so as an example. I give them what they need and also alittle what they want. It gives me pleasure, I havnt notice it ruining them yet. They in turn are giving to us, it give THEM pleasure, they love it when I make over the gift they took time and money and tried their best pick something out they think I will like. Christmas is a wonderful day! Maybe someday you will understand! You will be blessed when you do!