Rants, reality and learning to embrace the little things.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Middle Man

I told my middle son that I was going to give him a spanking every morning when he woke up, just to go ahead and set him straight for the day. He thought it was funny. I wonder if it would work....

If you know Aiden, you know a sweet, bashful, blue eyed, lady killer. He is slightly impish, however this child has given me little trouble from day one and has by far been the easiest to raise. He was the easiest to deliver, the quitest, the best eater, the most perfect, laid back and happiest baby! He is always tender and loving and a friend to all, always putting himself last and doing what he can to make peace. He is also a verbal punching bag for his brothers. Poor kid. I hope one day he grows into his linebacker build and takes both of his brothers out in one swoop! I know he never would though. He's my sweet one.

Aiden is my pickiest eater. If I left it up to him he would have a well balanced diet of bread, cheese, butter and candy. My family has always joked about Aiden's food selections. He used to respond with a "Nuuuuh uh!!" but has since embraced the humor. At dinner one evening, my oldest, Nolan, asked Aiden if he wanted a stick of butter for dessert. Aiden grinned and said yes. My dad wants to make him a shirt that says "Butter makes everything better..." Aiden would wear it proudly. He's not even 7 but definitely keeps up with our family's off the wall sense of humor. I love that boy.

Animals seem to flock to Aiden. He has a way with them. He's my tiny Doctor Doo Little. His concern for all things living melts my heart...however the moment is often short lived as I'm soon asked to smell his finger or he announces he just passed gas....Boys.

I often wonder what Aiden will be like when he gets older. I hope he maintains his gentle nature and bright, inquisitive mind. I fear he is going to cause me a bit of heartache as he already has little girls swooning over him. I ran across some pictures from when he was in preschool. Every photo was him surrounded by all the little girls in class. He always has a crush, although he's gotten better at hiding it so Nolan doesn't give him grief. It has started young for this one. Thank goodness he is still clueless to the attention!

Aiden is a natural athlete. Perhaps he will take good care of his mother one day with his pro-sport paycheck...its always fun to dream, isn't it?

God has blessed me with three amazing and unique little boys. I don't know where my life would be without each one of them. Today, I thank my little Aiden Clark Conklin for warming my heart and always making me laugh.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Hate Christmas

Ok, I don't really hate Christmas. I hate what Christmas creates. The "I want, gimme, flash, bling, money" attitudes....vomit. Kids are in a competition to see who gets the most video games and largest Justin Beiber poster from Santa and parents are out to make sure their snot face child wins! Lord help us.

My mom, bless her heart, glanced over the items purchased for the boys from "Santa" and said "That's not enough." Holy shnikes woman! Have you lost your mind? Its damn well gonna be enough! I think she's getting senile as she ages.

Jesus got 3 gifts. THREE! Not an entire Toys R Us aisle...

The meaning of Christmas has been lost for years and seems to fade further into oblivion every season. It's sad. A celebration has turned into an obligatory ritual. A blessing, now a burden.

Here is my challenge to all 3 people who will read this: Remember the reason. Remember why we celebrate. Look at what you have instead of what you don't have. Thank God for sending our ticket to eternity all those years ago. And for Pete's sake, spank your children, they are getting on my nerves!

Merry Christmas everyone and blessings for the New Year!!